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Hydraulic Guillotine Shears

Guillotine is also known as a squaring shear or power shear. This shearing machine is always equipped with a hydraulic system as the power system. With a moving blade coming down across a fixed blade, the material can be sheared. Hydraulic guillotine shears apply shear force to metal plates of different thicknesses and then the metal plates are made into required sizes. In order to get desired products, the gap between the moving upper blade and fixed lower blade should be reasonable.
The working process of hydraulic shearing machine: is like follows:
The guillotine shears are usually composed of a series of equipment, including a shear table, work-holding device, upper and lower blades, and a gauging device. The material plate is set on a shear table when being cut. The working-holding device holds the plate tightly so that it stays in place and can hardly move or buckle while under stress. The upper and lower blades are the piece of machinery that actually does the cutting. The gauging device is used to ensure that the workpiece is being cut where it is supposed to be. For larger guillotine shears, the moving blade may be set on an angle or "rocked" (known as shear angle) in order to cut the material progressively from one side to the other. In this way, the amount of force required decreases, while the stroke increases. With the same amount of energy used, a 5 degree shear angle decreases the force by about 20%. The moving blade can also be inclined 0.5 degree to 2.5 degree and this angle is called the rake angle. The rake angel allows for compromises of the squareness of the edge so as to prevent the plates from becoming wedged between the blades.
We are a leading hydraulic shearing machine supplier in China. We have been cooperating with LVD, Belgium for 30 years and our products are awarded as CHINA TOP BRAND by our government.

1. CNC Cutting Center Series: CNC cutting center series feature in heavy machine and box-type turret structure with high stability and accuracy
2. HGS (K) Series Hydraulic Guillotine Shears: This type of hydraulic guillotine shears use modern design, an optimal design achieved by computer. Overall welding structure offers good strength and rigidity
3. HGN (K) Series Hydraulic Guillotine Shears: Our hydraulic guillotine shears are equipped with stable and reliable integrated hydraulic system.
4. HGO (K) Series Hydraulic Guillotine Shears: These shearing machines have great appearance and graceful outline.
5. HGA (K) Series Hydraulic Guillotine Shears: HGA (K) series hydraulic guillotine shears are characterized by simple manipulation, maintenance and regulation.

Major dispositions:
No. Item Brand Origin
1 Pump NACHI Japan
2 Hydraulic valve REXROTH Germany
3 Seals NOK Japan
4 Main electrical parts TELEMECANIQUE France
5 Encoder ELTRA Italy
6 Filter COMPASS Taiwan, China
7 Main motor ABB China
8 Electrical display KUBLER Germany
Component and Advantages

1. Frame of Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Our guillotine shears feature in the frame designed by UG software. The whole welded steel structure shows perfect rigidity and minimal deflection under load conditions.

2. Holddowns

We supply hydraulic shearing machines with holddowns. Before the shear works, the holddowns are forced by hydraulic system to forge workpiece. This force changes with the changes of the thickness and tensile strength of the steel plate being cut. On the left side, the holddowns are positioned closer to get narrower steel strip.

3. YSD Hydraulic System for Guillotine Shears:

The hydraulic power block and some connections are produced by YSD. The reliable and precise REXROTH, VICKERS and BOSCH valves have been used in the regulating circuit. On oil filter, there exists a low sound level pump and a large tank with oil level and temperature gauge. Double-acting cylinders ensure safety and reliability.

4. Electric System:

All electrical elements in the hydraulic shearing machines conform to DIN standards. Lots of telemecanique components inside the guillotine shears have self-protection mechanism against overload condition and are widely available.

5. Blade Beam Guide

Three pairs of rollers ensure optimal guidance of blade beam. Their functions are discussed below: ①the pair of lower rollers (A) offer maximum resistance to horizontal forces; ②the pair of upper rollers (B) form a reverse torque to balance the cutting beam; ③The beam is permanently forced against the rollers by the third pair of prestressed rollers (C). During the cutting process, the angled movement of the beam is adjustable so that precise, straight, and vertical cutting edge can be obtained. In this way, burrs and friction between the upper and lower blades can also be reduced.

6. Backgauge for Guillotine Shears:

YSD hydraulic shearing machines are equipped with a motorized backgauge. It’s easy to operate with the front control panel and digital readout. The guillotine shears can easily move forward or backward with the reset function. Some other types also offer a complete swing-up backgauge, which makes it possible to cut strips wider than the backgauge. One of the options available is a hydraulic backgauge, enabling sheet to be cut, which is beyond the maximum range of the backgauge.

7. Cutting Length / Strokes:

Cutting length can be adjusted easily by a potentiometer on the control panel. Short strokes can be used for material shorter than the blade length, so as to save time and increase efficiency.
8. High Quality Blade:

Our guillotine shears are equipped with high quality blades. Each blade is made of high carbon hinge chrome steel and has four cutting edges. It is suitable for most kinds of materials, including stainless steel. They can be overturned three times before regrinding.
9. Shadow Line Lighting of Hydraulic Shearing Machine:

The shadow line lighting is used for a close and accurate view of the cutting line.

10. Blade Gap:

Satisfactory cutting products can only be made by correctly adjusting the rake angle and blade gap according to different materials and thicknesses of steel plates.

11. Cutting Angle:

Besides blades gap, cutting angle is another important factor to be considered, in order to obtain an optimal product. Our guillotine shears support independent control over blades gap and cutting angle.

12. Operation Panel :

The control panel is set up with a switch for single or continuous strokes and the movable foot switch. is easy to operate.

13. Front Support of Hydraulic Shearing Machine:

Our guillotine shears are provided with the disposition of front supporting, which is designed with T-slots considering finger protection.

14. Frame Throat of Hydraulic Shearing Machine:

Frame throat normally is 0 mm to 100 mm on frame side. A deep throat is available to satisfy customers’ needs for greater blade length and cutting width.

Shin Sheet Support Device Front Support Table

CE Safety Guard Front Loading System

CNC Controller:

(YSD2000s – x axis) (ELGO P8721 – x axis)

(DAC350 & DAC360) - Backgauge, cutting angle, stroke range , blade gap.
Handwheel operated and data input.

Memory: 1000 program lines
Display: LCD screen 240X64
Step repeat: 9999 max; Stock count : 9999 max .

1. Make sure that users are familiar with the performance. Operate the guillotine shears for several times to ensure that the machine can normally shear different plates from thin ones to thick ones.
2. Regulate the blade clearance. Adjust the blade gap before shearing or it will shorten the duality of the blades.
3. Pay attention to sound balance. If any noise exists, stop to check the hydraulic shearing machine.
4. Par attention to the oil tank temperature. Turn off the guillotine shears, when it is over 60℃.