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SKJXS CNC Mechanical Arm Frame Bending Machine

SKJXS CNC Mechanical Arm Frame Bending Machine

Main Features:
1. SKJXS CNC Bending Machine adopts screen-touch of international standard. Due to its beautiful interfaces and various functions, the excellent interaction between the operators and the machine can be realized, making the whole operation very convenient. What’ more, the numerical control system of CNC Bending Machine embodies the functions of graphic display and tracking, which can dynamically display and track the entire process and processing time for each rib.

2. The powerful system with timely full-closed loop control can promote the overall operation of the frame bending machine. It can detect the data generated from TRIBON, CADDS5 and HDSHM, and then correspondingly turn the data into rib processing instructions and test the processed rib data based on it. All these can greatly meet the demands of the shipyards who are pursuing the digital shipbuilding.

3. Both automatic and manual controls are provided. On one hand, CNC Bending Machine can accurately feed, discharge, bend, anti-deform and automatically compensate the springback and elongation. On the other hand, convenient manual operation is optionally offered.

4. This machine can automatically and manually bend forwards or backwards, and S-shape of bulbs, unequal angel plates, and T sections or provides plates’ straightening without changing the molds. And during the whole process, no obvious defects like buckling, bending and reverse edge are caused.

5. Equipped with vertical hydraulic pre-bending device and functions of manual settings against deformation, CNC Bending Machine can automatically avoid lateral bending and provide compact rids.

6. The application of advanced detection device and latest sensor makes it easy to operate and maintain.

7. The automatic pneumatic printer of CNC Frame Bending Machine can mark the code and the sign on the plates automatically and accurately (like the number, waterline and cutting line). This makes processing and marking operation finished synchronously.

SKJXS-Parameter table

No. Name Unit Technical Specification
SKJXS- 100 SKJXS- 300 SKJXS- 400 SKJXS- 500 SKJXS- 600 SKJXS- 700 *
1 capacity of machining and bending   outside bending ,inside bending ,S-bending, straightening
2 level bending cylinder max.push & pull KN 1000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000  
max.working speed mm/s 11  
3 clamping oil cylinder max.central clamp force KN 350 800 1000 1000 1200 1400  
max.side clamp force KN 200 400 600 600 750 1000  
4 adjusting range of bending pivot mm 650~1050 1000~ 1400 1200~ 1700 1400~ 2000 1600~2200 1800~ 2500  
5 max.range of bending device after removing side-bending mm ±20 ±20 ±25 ±25 ±35 ±35  
6 feeding system max.working speed mm/s 100 100 120 150 150 150  
max.push of cylinder KN 126 246 246 246 502 502  
7 material yield strength N/mm2 355
8 range of processed material (min.pivot) bulb flat steel mm 80~220 160~400 160~450 160~ 550 200~ 650 270~800  
min.bening radius(h is of central plate) mm 10h,1200 10h,1600 10h,1800 10h, 2000 10h, 2700 10h, 3400  
unequal bar mm 180 140~400 160~450 160~ 500 200~ 650 270~800  
T section steel mm 80~200 140~400 160~450 160~ 620 200~ 700 270~800  
flat steel(max.) mm   350X40  400x40 650x36 600x 40 700x40  
9 motro power KW 18.5+11 45+22 55+30 75+45 75+55 75X2+55  

CNC Bending Machine is the latest frame bending machines with concise structure. They cover 8 kinds of tonnages, such as 1000KN, 1600KN, 3000KN, 4000KN, 5000KN, 6000KN, and 8000KN. The CNC Bending Machine can manually or automatically bend forwards or backwards, and S-shape without folding and warping and has been widely put into the production of bulbs, angle plates, T sections, flat bars, and circular bars. Due to its outstanding features, it has been adopted in more than 30 shipyards, including shipyards in Korea and Vietnam. We, as famous Frame Bending Machinery Supplier, are committed to supply you the best product at the most reasonable price.