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TW Series Tack Welder

TW Series Tack Welder
TW Series Tack Welder

TW series tack-welding machine is one of the main machines in the LSAW pipe production. After the process of pre-bending, the tack welder is employed to make an open seam pipe into a closed pipe body. high quality products. The tack-welding machine is adaptable for the steel pipe with the maximum diameter 406 mm to 1524 mm.

Characteristics of TW Series Tack-welding Machine
1. As a leading metal former supplier in China, we provide TW series tack welder, which is driven by CNC control system and electro hydraulic servo system, with accurate control over press rolls.
2. During joint prewelding process, mismatch and joint clearance can be adjusted in real time.
3. This type of CNC tack welder is capable of satisfying customers’ needs for different welding speeds and real-time speed adjustment is available.
4. The tack-welding machine adopts a bidirectional material-pushing design, which helps decrease the empty trip and improve production efficiency.

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