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Quality Control:
1.We have been strictly controlled the quality of our raw materials, and all of our steel metals are from famous steel mills (factories). And physical metallographic analysis and chemical composition test are also used to ensure the quality of raw materials.
2.Immediate inspection will be done for each production procedure, and full examination will be implemented for threaded products.
3.Our outsourcing products will also be strictly examined before utilization.
4.Our sampling rate for final products is higher than 30%.

Cost Control:
1.We have rational production plans and our machines can run more than 12 hours every day so as to guarantee our production efficiency.
2.Most of our outsourcing factories are within 60km away from our factory, which can largely reduce our transportation costs.
3.Our factory is located near Shanghai Port.

Annual Output:
1. Drill Rods (Drill Pipes): 100,000 (300000m)
2. Diamond Drill Bits: 15,000
3. Reaming Shell: 20,000
4. Core barrel Assembly: 2,000 sets
5. Recovery Tools: 1,500 sets
6. General and Small Calibre Drill Rods: 5,000 (15000m)
7. Casing Tube: 5,000 (15000m)
8. Drill Stem Subs: 30,000
9. HDD Drill Rods: 4000 (12000m)
10. Friction Welding Drill Rods: 200ton
11. HDD Bits: 200
12. DTH Hammer: 300
13. DTH Drill Pipe: 18,000
14. Tungsten Carbide: 12ton

Note: The data in the above is the kind of date when simultaneously producing all kinds of products, and for a kind of products, our productivity will be doubled.

1.Samples are available for clients worldwide, and clients should afford the sample and transportation fees. When customers give their orders, we will deduct the sample and shipping fees from the total amount.
2.We can assist customers in designing and manufacturing machines. Our engineers will offer relative operation guidance for customers.
3.The quality guarantee period of our products is one-year.
4.The delivery period depends on the types and amount of ordered products. Generally speaking, the normal delivery period at home is about 10days, and abroad 15days. If we have products in stock, we will deliver them within three working days.
5.OEM service is also available.

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