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YAG Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine
YAG Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine

YAG Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine

YAG sheet metal laser cutting machine, as its name indicates, is designed to cut materials with yttrium-aluminum-garnet laser. Laser cutting principle is discussed below: ①laser beam is focused into a small spot (max. diameter ≤0.1mm) to achieve a very high power density; ②material surface receives the beam and cutting area material melts, burns or vaporizes away; ③a jet of gas blow away melts or ashes; ④desired cutting edge is left on the material. This kind of cutting technology is characterized by good flexibility. This range of laser cutter can be used to cut sheet metal for any shape and size without moulds. This kind of technology is especially suitable for small batch production of complex shape parts. YAG sheet metal laser cutting machine is widely used in a variety of industries such as advertising and precision machinery. Other applications of the laser cutters includes chassis and cabinet, kitchen ware, hardware,auto parts, metal art, glasses, light, metal pipe, as well as elevator.

1. YAG sheet metal laser cutting machine is designed with laser input power 12 kW and laser output power 500 W. Compared to other brands, our products provide a high efficiency of photoelectric conversion, that is, over 4%, while other brands can only reach 2%. Extra electrical energy will convert into heat energy, which may lead to the damage of YAG rod and reduction of device lifetime.
2. These laser cutters adopt good laser beam spot mode, which ensures perfect cutting result for all kinds of sheet metal.
3. With gantry beam flying optics structure and easy light operation, our YAG sheet metal laser cutting machines save about 40% electricity more than other products which adopt fixed optics.
4. During the cutting process, the laser head carries its laser device, which will effect the speed and cutting precision.
5. This type of laser cutter is very suitable for the development of new product. You can use the laser to process it immediately once the drawing is ready and get the object of the new product in a short time.
6. YAG sheet metal laser cutting machine features in the max cutting size 3000×1500mm.


Parameter table of YAG Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Model laser output power laser input power max.cutting speed cutting depth max.cutting size power requirement
YSDCY2513C/E-500 500W 10KW 4m/min 0.2 to 6mm 2500x1250mm 380V/50HZ/50A
YSDCY3015C/E-500 500W 10KW 4m/min 0.2 to 6mm 3000x1500mm 380V/50HZ/50A
YSDCY3015C/E-750 750W 18 KW 8m/min 0.2 to 10mm 3000x1500mm 380V/50HZ/60A
YSDCF3015-500 500W <1.9KW 15m/min 0.2~5mm 3000x1500mm 380V/50HZ/16A
YSDCF3015Ⅰ-500 500W 2KW 18m/min 0.2~5mm 3000x1500mm 380V/50HZ
YSDCF3015Ⅰ-1000             1000W 5KW 24m/min 0.2~8mm 3000x1500mm 380V/50HZ
YSDCY3015-650 650W 20KW 6~8m/min 0.2 to 8mm 3000x1500mm 380V/50HZ/60A

YSD is a professional supplier for all kinds of metal forming machines, such as YAG sheet metal laser cutting machines, press brakes, CNC ship frame bending machine, etc. We strictly conform to certification standards including ISO9001, CE, CSA, HPS, DHC, etc. With advanced technology and scientific management system, we provide high quality laser cutters with maximum cutting size 3000×1500 mm.

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