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PB Series Pre-Bending Machine

PB Series Pre-Bending Machine
PB Series Pre-Bending Machine

Plate crimping press is widely used in LSAW pipe production. As a metal forming machine manufacturer in China, we supply PB series crimping press machines. They are designed to crimp both edges of metal plates to form a curvature radius of plate edges close to curvature radius of finished pipe. Generally, this type of plate crimping press is composed of C-frames, oil cylinder units, lower tool beam, transporting roller on frame, tool changing device, tools, tool moving device, pedestal, front and rear roller tables, electrical system, as well as hydraulic and lubrication systems. During the pre-bending process, plates are fed into upper and lower tools step by step after milling. The pressing force comes between the two tools of the crimping press machines. In order to make crimped edge curvature radius become very close to the curvature radius of finished pipe, tools position should be changed and adjusted several times. Usually two plate crimping press are set oppositely and synchronously pre-bend the plate laterally. It is suitable for the steel pipe with the maximum thickness of 40 mm.

1. PB series crimping press machines features in good stiffness and high accuracy with C-shaped frame structure.
2. Characterized by CNC movable base, this type of plate crimping press can be applied to plates with different widths.
3. Double cylinders are controlled by electro hydraulic servo system independently, which allows uniformity of the bending edges.
4. During the whole pre-bending process, material follow-up supporting can be achieved.
5. The plate crimping press is equipped with lifting appliance, making quick replacement of molds possible.
6. Our crimping press machines adopt DM 51 CNC system with fieldbus control technology applied.
7. CNC feeding and discharging rollers are one key component of the pre-bending machine. Automatic segmentation of feeding ensures the accuracy of plate transportation.

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