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Three-roller Plate Bending Machine for Ship Building

Three-roller Plate Bending Machine for Ship Building

Brief Introduction
Three-roller Plate Bender for ship building is mainly applied in the production of hulls of the ship which is often in circular arc shape. Based on the clients’ requirements, it can be designed either in symmetrical or in dissymmetrical pattern. The top part of the upper roller is configured with steel-made cross beam. And between the upper roller and cross beam as well as the bottom part of the lower roller, many groups of carrier rollers are installed on Plate Bender in order to improve the strength of the rollers and realize the synchronous driving of the three rollers.


Hydraulic Plate Bender is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, cement, boiler, shipbuilding, aviation, water conservancy, power transmission towers, etc.


Three-roller Plate Bender embodies the functions of both plate rolling and bending, especially for arc sheer strake of bilge and pressing the grooved hatch, also for arc outer strake around the stern and engine room.

components and advantages

1. Individual Roll Driven:
Two bottom rollers are driven by individual reducers, which avoids the mechanical interference, extends the service life of the working rolls and improves the out-surface quality of work piece.
2. Flexing Compensation:
There is an adjustable back-up roll device between the upper beam and upper back-up rollers, or the bottom beam and bottom back-up rollers. Bending Machine for Ship Building is driven by the plunger type cylinder to compensate the rolling deformation. The compensation, set by the deformation performance curve, guarantees high straightness of the work piece while processing the plates with different thickness and width.
3. Mutable Center Distance:
The technique can get a wider range of rolling plates with high precision.
4. Horizontal Moving:
Bottom roll seat and each group of back-up roll seats are connected with the horizontal moving reducers with the same specification, and these reducers are joined together through the universal joint to move synchronously. It makes the oil cylinders of Bending Machine for Ship Building move synchronously meanwhile maintaining excellent self-locking performance.
5. Control System:
The system of our Plate Bender can work in both rolling and bending. It bears powerful anti-interference ability, sufficient extending capacity, and can flexibly adapt to the severe industrial environment and etc.

Technical Data:
Model Full-load min. radius Rows of back-up roller Main motor power
3R-2200Tx21000 R650mm 8 75kwx2
3R-2200Tx18000 R650mm 8 75kwx2
3R-2000Tx17000 R650mm 6 75kwx2
3R-1500Tx13500 R600mm 4(7) 55kwx2
3R-1000Tx12500 R600mm 4(6) 30kwx2
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