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PED Series Expanding Machine

PED Series Expanding Machine
PED Series Expanding Machine

HUBEI TRI-RING METAL-FORMING EQUIPMENT is a pipe expanding machine manufacturer in China. Our products include PED series pipe expander, which is one of the main machines for LSAW mill. Generally the pipe expanding machine is constituted by power cylinder, horn drawbar, expander-head, horn support as well as a pipe carriage. The expander-head is forced against the inside wall of the pipe so as to expand it to the desired size. At the sane time, the pipe is straightened along the entire length. The pipe expander is suitable for the steel pipe with thickness up to 40 mm and diameter up to 1422 mm

1. PED series pipe expanding machine is equipped with feeding trolley so that pipe feeding and discharging process can be completed automatically.
2. The pipe expander features in a unique design of support rollers, which allows quick support and rotary location for steel pipes.
3. This type of pipe expanding machine utilizes flushing equipment for rapid removal of oxide coating, emulsion and expender oil.

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