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YAG Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine
YAG Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine

CNC Flame/Plasma Cutting Machine

CNC Flame/Plasma Cutting Machine
Flame cutting is a traditional thermal cutting style, which is employed for processing mild steel of 6mm-300mm thickness. Plasma cutting is suitable for cutting mild steel plate, stainless steel plate and non-ferrous metal with cutting fast and smoothly, it is an ideal option for high quality cutting.

Technical Specifications


Technical specification
Track From 3000mm to 10000mm, span varies by 500mm.Can be customized.
Cutting (mm) 1000mm less than track
Track (mm) Can be customized
Cutting Length (m) 2m less than track length
Cutting thickness(mm) Flame:6-150mm(Max 300mm) Plasma:0.5-80mm
Cutting Mode Flame/Plasma
Drive Motor Number Dual-side
Cutting Torch Number Customization
Line position accuracy ±0.2mm/10m
Repeated accuracy ±0.2mm/10m
Comprehensive marking accuracy ±0.5mm
CNC Bench Type Cutting Machine

CNC bench type cutting machine is a high speed, high accuracy plasma cutting machine which features compact modular construction for convenient and simple installation, low inertia and maneuverability, especially suitable for thin plate cutting. The working table of CNC bench cutting machine can be designed as fume extraction working table or underwater cutting working table according to customer’s demand, which can effectively solve the environmental pollution caused by plasma cutting.


Technical Specification
Working Length 3000-5000mm
Working 1500mm
Max Stroke Speed 12000mm∕min
Max Cutting Speed 9000mm∕min         
Line Positioning Accuracy ±0.2mm
Repetitive Accuracy ±0.3mm
Comprehensive Marking Accuracy ±0.5mm
Type of Cutting Torch Flame or Plasma
CNC tower pole automatic straight seam welding machine

ZHY series tower automatic straight welding machine is special welding equipment stands international level and filled a domestic blank. It is suitable for straight seam welding of various metal cylindrical, conical, prismatic, prismatic, pyramidal and square pipes with thickness ranging 3mm-30mm. It is widely used in welding light poles in power industry and petrol and chemical industries.


         Model             Item ZHY-400 ZHY-600 ZHY-800 ZHY-2000
Max diameter of welding pipe(mm) 400 600 800 2000
Min diameter of welding pipe(mm) 58 58 120 300
Rail length(mm) According to customer’s requirement. ZHY type is of workpiece movement, ZHY-D type is of torch movement which rail length and machine size is half of ZHY type.  
Welding speed(mm/min) 0-2300 0-2300 0-2000 0-1500
Return speed(mm/min) 10000 10000 10000 8000
Welding mode Submerge arc automatic welding or gas shield welding
Hydraulic max pressure (Mpa) 15 15 15 15
Controller BLC SNC 250
Machine dimension excluding rail 14600×1963×1994 14700×2300×2940 14800×2700×2940 32000×7000×6800
Gross weight(kg) 13700 14700 16000 21000
  CNC System
  The CNC system is researched and developed by our company. It is stable and friendly use. It is widely used in laser/plasma/flame cutting machine. BURNY 10LCD PLUS and EDGEPRO can be equipped as optional.
  FastCAM Automatic Programming and Nesting Software
  FastCAM automatic programming and nesting software is produced by Australian FMS CO., which is the best automatic programming and nesting software. With advantages of strong function, easy operation, 10 percent material saving can be made and compatibility with AutoCAD etc drawing software, it is widely used in thermal cutting industry.
  Servo Driver Unit
  The driver unit is equipped with Japanese Mitsubishi all-digital AC servo drive and servo motor with good stability and ability to self- diagnosis and self-protection.
  Gear Box
  The gear box adopts world-famous brand planet gear box with high precision drive and long service life, which ensures excellent cutting quality.
  Flame Straight Triple Torch
  Flame straight triple torch is specially designed for flame straight cutting groove, is used for ‘V’, ‘X’, ‘Y’ ,‘K’ shape groove.
  Capacitance Automatic Height Controller
  Capacitance automatic height controller is the proprietary product of our company, which is specially designed for flame cutting by utilizing the pulse duration modulation principle, which makes the regulation process smooth with high precision of height control.
  Arc Voltage Automatic Height Controller
  Arc voltage automatic height controller is specially designed for plasma cutting with American technology, making the products quality competitive with that of Command THC auto height adjustment unit of Hypertherm CO.. It also can carry out initial positioning and anti-collision function.
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